So touching. Hubert Gagnon, the voice of French Canadian Homer Simpson, died recently and now the show has shared an emotional tribute to him on social media. He had played the  iconic character for 27 years.

On Instagram, The Simpsons posted two photos in memory of Hubert Gagnon, following his death at the beginning of June.

First, there was the iconic cloudy sky of Springfield that let people know of Gagnon's passing.

"We lost our French Canadian Homer of 27 years," the post read. "Hubert Gagnon, we will miss you."

The second photo was a drawing by David Silverman, an animator and director with The Simpsons. It shows Homer holding up a glass in salute, while sitting at a table with a single rose on it and looking sad.

The drawing was captioned "au revoir Hubert."

The post had more than 78,000 likes, just a couple of days after it was shared. In the comments, fans shared their condolences and wrote messages that described Gagnon as "a legend."

One person said that comedy won't be the same without him.

Several Canadians also mourned the loss on Twitter.

One Simpsons fan thanked the actor for being the voice behind  so many of their good memories. Another person shared Silverman's drawing, and thanked him for honouring Gagnon.

Gagnon also provided the voice of Grandpa Abe Simpson, another well-known character from the series.

Along with his iconic work on The Simpsons, he dubbed shows and movies for the likes of Robert De Niro, and even made appearances in the Quebec version of Harry Potter.

Gagnon died from cancer on June 7, at the age of 73.

In the French version of The Simpsons that airs in Quebec, Gagnon voiced Homer for 27 years. He remained the voice behind the iconic character until 2017, when he was forced to step away from the role due to health concerns.

According to The Canadian Press, the Quebec version often takes liberties with the scripts by using local sayings, places and public figures.

Gagnon certainly gave Homer a distinct Quebecois flair!

After he left the show, fans missed Gagnon so much that they even created a Facebook page, urging him to return as the voice of Homer.

The person who created the group said that they don't feel joy when hearing Homer's voice if it's not Gagnon.

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