When it comes to Canada’s COVID-19 vaccines, it seems the prime minister is not afraid at all!

Speaking to Breakfast Television Toronto on Wednesday, December 16, he revealed that he’d be one of the first people in line for the shot when his turn eventually comes around.

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When it's our turn, I'll be as close to the front of the line as I can get. I'm super enthusiastic about getting the vaccine.

Justin Trudeau

While Trudeau acknowledged that a lot of “vulnerable people” must be vaccinated before him, he admitted that he was feeling “enthusiastic” about the process.

The prime minister didn’t confirm when it would be likely that he would receive one, but said there were others that “need to get these vaccines much sooner than me.”

As part of the same interview, he reassured Canadians that “the end is coming” before encouraging people to get through the “tough holiday season and winter” ahead.

“What we do expect is that things will be better in the spring and summer,” Trudeau added.  

His comments come just days after the first people in Canada were vaccinated against COVID-19, which followed Health Canada’s approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech candidate just a week before.

While the PM has admitted that this distribution of vaccines is a “big step” for the country in the fight against the illness, he’s reiterated that we’re not out of the woods just yet.

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