In a new interview, Justin Trudeau has revealed that it’s “very possible” he caught COVID-19 earlier this year.

His wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, was one of the first high-profile Canadians to test positive for the illness back in March.

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It's very possible that I caught it. I don't know. We were absolutely asymptomatic.

Justin Trudeau

In a recent year-end interview with CBC News, the prime minister admitted that he may also have caught the illness around that time.

“It's very possible that I caught it,” Trudeau explained, although he says himself and his three children were “absolutely asymptomatic” at the time.

In fact, the PM says he “didn't have a sniffle, if I did have [the virus].”

Despite this, the family followed public health advice and isolated for two weeks at home.

"We pulled together as a family and kept an eye on each other," he added.

Trudeau didn’t get a COVID-19 test at the time, per his doctor’s orders, as he wasn’t showing any signs of illness.

However, the Liberal leader did get a test in September after experiencing "a bit of a throat tickle" and "a bit of a raspy throat." The September test results were negative.

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