Justin Trudeau Is Looking For Young Leaders For Canada's 2021 Summer Internship Program

You get to work for the government!
Justin Trudeau Is Looking For Young Leaders For Canada's 2021 Summer Internship Program

What if you knew you could spend your summer working with the Prime Minister of Canada and be on a first-name basis?

If that sounds appealing, you're in luck! Justin Trudeau is on the hunt for young Canadians to join him in becoming the next leaders of our nation. 

The Summer Leadership Program is still looking for individuals who want to make a difference and tackle issues faced by young Canadians all over the country.

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What is the position?

According to the application website, the program is a "unique political internship opportunity developed to invest in the future success of young people from across the country."

But take it from Trudeau himself, he said he is looking for leaders who want to make a difference.

"If that sounds like you — and something you’re interested in — then click here and learn more about the Summer Leadership Program," he said on Twitter.

Additionally, successful candidates will get to work with the Trudeau government on issues faced by youth in Canada.

However, due to the global pandemic, next year's program will be done virtually.

What are the requirements & how do I apply?

In order to snag a spot in the summer program, you have to be eligible to work in Canada and be fluent in at least one of Canada's official languages.

Next, all candidates must have finished highschool and be strongly skilled in software such as MS Office.

This year's internship is virtual so all candidates must also be able to work remotely.

You have to submit your application before January 15, 2021, as the program begins on May 3, 2021, and will go until August 20, 2021. 

How close could candidates get to work with Justin Trudeau?

Habon Ali, a University of Toronto graduate who is familiar with the program from her time spent on the PM's youth council, said it is a great experience working with the government as a young person.

She said that when Trudeau works with students and youth he listens to their issues. 

"He would hear us out and really talk to us. We got pretty close and if we needed to correspond through email or phone we could talk to him. He knew us individually and our personal interests too," Ali told Narcity.

She said the summer program could have the same positive effect on Canadians as the youth council did on her.