Ahead of the holiday season, Justin Trudeau is calling on Canadians to shop locally and order takeout from the “restaurant down the street.”

On December 5, the prime minister shared a video of himself speaking from outside Rideau Cottage.

During the address, he urged Canadians to consider buying gifts and food from local businesses this year.

“I’m calling on everyone to do their part,” he said. “And this holiday season, it’s a moment for generosity.”

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He went on, “Try and make sure you’re also supporting local businesses and ordering takeout from local restaurants.”

The PM said that, “We need to do our part, as Canadians, to lean on each other, to be there for each other and to support everyone as we get through this pandemic.”

The push to shop locally has been observed all over the country recently. 

One company has actually set up a product guide for shoppers, helping to connect them with smaller businesses.

A Toronto website has also been created to direct customers away from spots like Amazon and towards places owned and operated by Canadians.

A new partnership between LCBO and Skip The Dishes has also recently been criticized by some people, who argue the duo could have a negative impact on locally-owned companies.