It didn't take long after LCBO and SkipTheDishes announced their partnership for some people to make it clear they were not here for it. 

On Friday, the two major companies put out a news release unveiling their plans to have SkipTheDishes deliver LCBO products straight to your home.

This may have been welcome news for some, but others are concerned for small businesses in the wake of this announcement. 

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Many took to Twitter to share their dismay and express what this news really means for them.

Volo, a bar located in Toronto, said that this tag team would undercut restaurants that have been keeping afloat using food delivery apps throughout the pandemic. 

"From the start of pandemic LCBO has provided zero relief to their most valuable customers, licensees & importers," they wrote.

"Why are we always at a competitive disadvantage. It's supposed to be a fair playing field." 

Another Twitter user said that the partnership in the city "is directly targeting small restaurants which pivoted to home delivery of alcohol."