If you don't take Ontario's COVID-19 vaccine, you could be subjected to restrictions.

In a press conference on Thursday, Dr. David Williams, Ontario's chief medical officer of health, gave some more insights on immunization. 

Williams stated that although the vaccine will not be mandatory for residents, refusing to take it could come with consequences. 

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If you don't have vaccination you'll not be allowed into that setting without protection or other materials. Dr. David Williams, Chief Medical Officer

Just like other vaccinations, Williams hinted that you may need to show proof of immunization before accessing certain settings. 

You may not be able to head into long-term care facilities or hospitals without PPE. 

Ontario could also make it mandatory to show proof of immunization in order to gain access to a school as well. 

"What may be mandatory, is proof of immunization or vaccination with the proper product in order to have latitude and freedom in order to move around," Williams stated. 

The province also announced the creation of a COVID-19 task force this Friday.

The force will oversee the delivery, storage, and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines when they are released to the province.