Stop your scrolling! A recent Reels video on Instagram from Historica Canada pays tribute to Drake and Heritage Minutes in the best way. It's the most random mash-up we never knew we needed. 

The organization is responsible for Heritage Minutes, those quick Canadian history videos that we all know and love from our childhood. 

It turns out they are getting more modern lately and took advantage of Instagram's Reels feature to post of video for True North icon Drake

The post features a bunch of clips from different Heritage Minutes all edited together to rap the lines from the 6ix God's 2013 hit "Started From The Bottom." 

The lyrics are pieced together with images and people from our history like a Canadian emblem on what looks like a soldier's uniform, an old design of the nation's flag, women fighting for the right to vote, the telegram, and more. 

While the original lines are pretty explicit, Historica Canada made sure to cover up the f-bombs with a pretty abrasive car horn. Though they went the extra mile to get what sounds like the swear word underneath so it comes across as a true bleep-out. 

The video even included a gif of Drake's head rising up and down at the bottom and what appears to be a spin on the phrase Part of Our Heritage which is the tagline for the mini-history lesson videos. 

Instead, this one says "part OVO heritage"

They even tagged Drizzy himself in their caption saying "@champagnepapi are we doing this right?" 

The rapper hasn't responded to the post yet but it has over 800 since it first went up on the social media platform on September 4.

However, that wasn't the first time this clip has seen the light of day. It's actually from a longer video that was posted to Youtube back in 2015. There it has over 100,000 views. 

The organization put out a real Heritage Minute earlier this year, highlighting the Liberation of the Netherlands in 1945. 

Not only did it feature an adorable love story, but it was a nostalgic blast from the past for almost anyone who went to elementary school in Canada. 

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