On December 20, a new COVID-19 variant was confirmed in the United Kingdom and countries like Canada issued a travel ban for incoming passengers from the U.K. 

Now, cases of the new strain have allegedly been reported in Japan, Sweden, and France. According to CNA, Japan announced on Saturday, December 26 that the country will be temporarily banning the entry of non-resident foreign nationals beginning on Monday and lasting through January.

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Cases of the COVID-19 variant recorded in Japan

The Guardian reported that the five cases of the COVID-19 variant in Japan are all individuals who recently arrived from the U.K.

Similarly, France’s single case of the new strain reportedly travelled back to the town of Tours from London last week.

As reported by Breaking News, a case has apparently been confirmed in Sweden as of Saturday, December 26.

This individual was also a traveller from the U.K.

According to The Guardian, Japan’s prime minister has urged residents to stay home for New Year’s.

At present, Canada's borders are closed to travellers coming from the U.K.

The initial flight ban was for 48 hours but has been extended since.

Now, the ban will extend until January 6.* 

This article's cover photo is for illustrative purposes only.

*Editor's note: this article has been updated.

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