You couldn't make this stuff up. There are some seriously weird street names in Ontario that will make you want to move there just for the fun of it.

I mean, who wants to live on Spadina Avenue when you can request Ubers for the rest of your life from Blong Avenue.

A street name that is sure to bring you joy every time you say it out loud.

Thankfully, not all streets are made alike in our great province and these are some of the best you'll find.

Blong Avenue 

Whisper this street name three times to yourself. You won't be disappointed.

Location: Leslieville, Toronto, ON

Scully Way & Mulder Avenue

Cue the X-Files theme song because this neighbourhood is definitely full of aliens.

Location: Ottawa, ON 

Flex-O-Lite Road, St. Thomas, ON

Flex on this road, but do it lightly.

Location: St. Thomas, ON

Queen's Bush Road

I'm sure the original intention of this name was to celebrate the monarchy. However, it has become undeniably hilarious in the modern day. 

Location: Wellesley, ON

Mud Street

Better than Dirt Street. Or, is it?

Location: Hamilton, ON

The Tragically Hip Way

A suitable tribute to one of Canada's most iconic bands. Rest in peace Gord Downie.

Location: Kingston, ON

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