These Are The Most Hated Intersections In Toronto According To Local Residents

They're a commuter's worst nightmare.
Ontario Associate Editor
These Are The Most Hated Intersections In Toronto According To Local Residents

If you live in Toronto, chances are you've encountered more than your fair share of chaotic streets and gridlock.

We asked Narcity readers to share the worst Toronto intersections with us. Whether you're a pedestrian, cyclist, or driver, anyone who's navigated through these tough spots can totally relate.

From constant construction to traffic jams and scary crossings, these 9 intersections are enough to give any commuter nightmares.

Buckle up, because these are the Toronto intersections that Narcity readers say they wish they could avoid at all costs.

Finch Ave. W. & Islington Ave.

This Etobicoke spot made the list of worst intersections in the GTA, and several readers agreed that Finch Avenue West in general is a driving nightmare.

Spadina Ave. & Lakeshore Blvd. W.

No surprises here. This intersection is almost always clogged with traffic, as hordes of people coming from King Street, the Rogers Centre and Ripley’s try to get onto the Gardner. Trying to make a left turn onto Lakeshore can feel like it takes ages. Cyclists and pedestrians have got to be extra cautious when crossing to get to the Harbourfront.

Warden Ave. & Ellesmere Rd.

With a Costco on one side and the 401 on the other, this Scarborough intersection is always packed. Located at the bottom of a hill, several accidents have occurred here and pedestrians and drivers have got to be extra careful.

Yonge St. & Eglinton Ave. E.

This spot is full of construction chaos thanks to the Eglinton Crosstown LRT going in underneath it. It is often reduced to single lanes each way, and construction is slated to continue until 2022. Cyclists and pedestrians need to be hyper-aware when crossing here. In the winter, the snow makes everything even more difficult.

Jane St. & Finch Ave. W.

Pedestrians have to cross six lanes of traffic on both sides of the intersection and it can be more than a little stressful. "Worst roads due to construction," one responder said.

Spadina Ave. & Fort York Blvd.

Getting around downtown can have some unpleasant moments, and this intersection is one of them. The roads are packed with streetcars and vehicles, and the sound of honking horns can often be heard as drivers push their way through the chaos.

Bathurst St. & Eglinton Ave. W.

This is another intersection plagued by Eglinton Crosstown LRT construction and it's riddled with potholes. "That slope and the construction," one reader commented. Basically, cyclists, pedestrians and drivers beware.

Yonge St. & Lakeshore Blvd. E.

According to one responder, "turning left onto Yonge from Lakeshore" is the worst because of the single lane after the merge.

Yonge St. & Dundas St.

It doesn't get much busier than this intersection. The streets are always bustling with crowds of pedestrians walking shoulder-to-shoulder, and there's often very little room on the sidewalk. Add the one-way streets nearby and vertical crosswalks to the mix, and you have yourself a commuter's worst nightmare.

Madeline Forsyth
Ontario Associate Editor
Madeline Forsyth is an Associate Editor for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on Toronto restaurants and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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