You can find a few Santa Clauses downtown in Toronto right now, but instead of handing out presents, they're attending an anti-lockdown holiday parade.

The parade also has police in attendance, after they tweeted a warning on Friday that people should not go to the unauthorized "Santa-themed" gathering.

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Hundreds of people are currently gathered in Yonge / Dundas Square, along with several Toronto Police officers and Parking Enforcement Officers.

The anti-mask/anti-lockdown protest is "Santa-themed," with some attendees in hats and others in full costume.

The parade was announced back in October and is a spoof of Toronto's Santa Clause Parade, which took place online this year.

It's organized by Chris Sky, a Toronto-based anti-masker who runs MAD, or Mothers Against Distancing, and other anti-lockdown organizations like The Line and Hugs Over Masks.

Police tweeted on Friday night that no permits had been issued for the event, but officers had blocked intersections off and allowed the parade to move northbound from Yonge/Dundas square.

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