This Video Shows How COVID-19 Can Spread & Trudeau Wants All Canadians To Watch (VIDEO)

He wants people to stop scrolling and watch.
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COVID-19 Canada: This Video Shows How It Spreads & Trudeau Wants Everyone To Watch (VIDEO)

The prime minister has shared an important video about COVID-19 in Canada and the way the illness spreads.

On December 19, Justin Trudeau posted a video clip via Twitter. It shows how quickly COVID-19 can spread between people who may not know they're infected.

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During the clip, an individual is shown catching the illness from her neighbour, before unknowingly carrying it onto public transport and accidentally infecting a front-line care worker.

However, the video also shows a scenario where the characters in the video all have the COVID-19 alert app. In this situation, those exposed to the virus are able to stay at home and stop the spread.

Sharing the video, Trudeau urged anybody who doesn’t already have the app to “stop scrolling.” 

“Watch this video to see how using the app can help break the cycle of infection and slow the spread of the virus,” he explained.

The prime minister concluded his message by revealing that 5.7 million Canadians have now downloaded the alert app.

One day earlier, the PM also shared an adorable video detailing Santa’s government-approved plans for the holidays.

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