Canada's COVID Alert App Got An Emoji Before Other Regions Even Got Access

Two provinces are still without.
Canada's COVID Alert App Has An Emoji Now Meanwhile Some Regions Don't Even Have The App

We all know that emojis have become the unofficial form of communication for many Canadians over the years, and new ones coming out seemingly each and every day can attest to that.

One of which is a very unlikely addition, a COVID Alert emoji

Twitter Canada made the announcement on Friday and unveiled the newest addition to the emoji world that will be featured on the COVID-Alert app.  

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"Guess what just got it's own emoji? The #COVIDAlert app! You should get it - and when you do, Tweet about it using the hashtag!" the tweet read.

With the new little icon, it looks like Canada is doing everything to make sure people download their technology, but some people still can't use it.

Regions like B.C. and Alberta are among the provinces that still don't even have the technology yet.  

One Twitter user said, "If oooooonly we could figure out how to make #COVIDAlert app work in Alberta."

Another Albertan said, "The app got an emoji before Albertans could even get the app."

The hold up has been an issue for many who try to use COVID Alert only to be met with a message that reporting isn't available in their region.

The app has so far been launched in Newfoundland and Labrador, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and Saskatchewan.