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Canada's COVID-19 Outbreaks Now Are Mostly From Social Gatherings & Schools

Outbreaks are smaller but still happening.
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Where COVID-19 outbreaks in Canada are occurring over the last couple of months has shifted dramatically to social gatherings and schools.

New data and modelling put out by the Public Health Agency of Canada on October 30 show exactly where outbreaks are happening.

Between July and October, most outbreaks were reported in schools, childcare centres and at social gatherings.

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[rebelmouse-image 25999836 photo_credit="Public Health Agency of Canada" expand=1 original_size="795x447"] Public Health Agency of Canada

There has been a huge change recently compared to between March and June when almost all outbreaks in the country were in long-term care and retirement residences.

When it comes to the average number of cases per outbreak, there's some good news.

That figure has decreased for every setting from between the two reporting periods. 

In the last four months, health care and industrial settings have seen the biggest average number of cases per outbreak while social gatherings, offices and other places have seen the least.

While outbreaks are smaller in size now, they're still happening.

Canada recently reached two grim milestones with confirmed cases topping 200,000 and deaths passing 10,000.

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