It's time to pull out your winter jackets as Ontario's weather forecast is calling for a cold weekend. 

According to The Weather Network, "heavy snow" and frigid air is expected to wreak havoc on parts of Ontario.

Temperatures in the south will plunge into the negative territory by Friday night, with freezing wind chills expected to make things feel even colder.

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The province will experience its first lake-effect snow of the season on Sunday, bringing a heavy accumulation of snow and rain to the Northwest and Nickel Belt.

Lake Huron, Georgian Bay and even parts of the northern GTA could see some of these flurries. 

Travel could be impacted in some areas over the weekend, especially if the snow squalls stick around for an extended period of time.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Ontario is forecasted to experience near record-breaking colds on Monday.

Flurries and December-like temperatures will kick off next week in an early winter fashion.

Thankfully, warmer weather is predicted to return by next Thursday with daytime temperatures soaring back up to 15 C.