Although he's a Hollywood sensation, Hamilton-born actor Eugene Levy and his wife decided to raise their kids in Toronto. 

In a profile with GQ, Eugene's son Dan Levy revealed that his parents wanted him and his sister to have "normal childhoods."

They had to get regular jobs, and People Magazine reports that the Levys didn't want their kids Dan and Sarah to grow up in show business.

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Toronto is just a very normal town. They could grow up with all options open to them of what they wanted to do.

Eugene Levy

The family strived for normalcy and were strict parents that would ground their kids. 

"Yes, I would ground him," Levy said to People. 

"The thing was for us, if you crossed the line, there was going to be some sort of punishment. It’s the way I was brought up, and it’s the way I brought up my kids."

Although the family went to Toronto to have a regular life, Dan and Sarah Levy ended up being stars anyway. 

Before starring in Schitt's Creek, Dan Levy had jobs at Gap Kids, at a bakery, a video store, and as an intern answering calls at a talent agency, GQ reports.

Eugene Levy told People that raising his kids in a low-key way paid off. 

"It worked! Because honestly we’ve never had a problem with our kids."

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