It looks like students might need to spend some extra time indoors this holiday season. 

Toronto's medical officer of health, Eileen de Villa, is asking Ontario students to quarantine for a period of time before heading home for the holidays this year. 

In a press conference on Wednesday, the doctor announced that students are the one exception when it comes to holiday travel. 

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Having some kind of period of quarantine in advance is a wise move in order to limit the possibility of the spread of COVID-19.

Dr. Eileen de Villa

The doctor stated she was aware a lot of students would be forced to travel home this holiday as dorms shut their doors. 

However, there are still steps students can take to make sure they are keeping their family safe over the next few weeks. 

"The safest thing that can be done in those circumstances is for them to quarantine and self-isolate as much as possible before coming home."

Dr. de Villa is still warning other residents that they should avoid travel this season. 

"Fundamentally the advice is this, as much as possible, we are asking people to stay at home and limit their interactions and only celebrate the holiday season... with the people you live with," de Villa added.

The doctor warned last week that the city's rising COVID-19 numbers are a "blunt warning" for all Torontonians.

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