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A Storm Is Headed For Ontario And Some Areas Could See Over 25 cm Of Snow

Don’t put away those shovels just yet!

While many woke up to snow this morning, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

A storm is headed straight for Ontario this weekend and could bring over 25cm of snow as well as freezing rain.

While the imminent forecast looks rather pleasant, with partly cloudy skies and temperatures reaching up to 5 C in Toronto and 2 C in Sudbury this afternoon and above-seasonal temperatures the following day according to The Weather Network, it won’t last.

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“Sudbury and right through central Ontario, we do have heavy snowfall potentially and even some freezing rain” with ice pellets, says The Weather Network meteorologist Jaclyn Whittal.

Further south in the province will look quite different though, given the warmer temperatures.

But “despite the fact that we will be warm, we will be getting wet, very rainy as this Texas low moves in,” says Whittal, with a potential for freezing rain.

The storm will really begin to hit Friday night where “it’s going to be snowing in cottage country” and likely rain from “Barrie and south down to Windsor.”

As it stands, the brunt of the storm will hit north of Huntsville up to North Bay with a possibility of over 25cm of snow.

The snowfall shouldn’t affect driving conditions along the 401 corridor at least as that area is reported to remain in the warm sector.

There is a chance for the storm to shift, however, so if you live further south in Ontario, don’t put away those shovels just yet!

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