You can now visit the hospital from the comfort of your own home. Toronto's virtual emergency room has just been announced and you can talk to urgent care doctors over Zoom. 

Sunnybrook Hospital announced the launch of its new Virtual Emergency Department on Tuesday, offering residents a safer way to be assessed. 

The groundbreaking initiative comes in response to the decrease in patient visits Sunnybrook saw during COVID-19's first wave.

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By offering same-day virtual appointments with emergency department physicians, this pilot aims to reach patients in their homes so that they do not have to come to the hospital.

Sunnybrook Hospital 

The digital option will hopefully reduce wait times and improve the patient's overall experience.

It's worth noting that appointments are strictly for urgent health concerns that "are not life-threatening."

The appointment booking system, which opens daily at 12:00 p.m., offers a same-day option. 

Appointments will be held on Zoom. So, you will need a computer or smartphone with video to access them.

Christine Elliot, Health Minister, congratulated Sunnybrook on their innovative six-month pilot via Twitter on Wednesday.

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