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You Only Have A Few Days To Re-Watch Friends Before It Leaves Netflix Canada For Good

It's moving to another streaming service.
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It's official, the date for Friends leaving Netflix Canada has been set and you only have a few days to re-watch the series before it's gone. 

There's finally a date for when the show will be off the streaming service.

Netflix Canada confirmed on Twitter that December 31 is when Friends will leave and this is "The One Where We Have To Say Goodbye."

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December 31 Friends leaves Netflix Canada

If you're a dedicated binge-watcher, you might be able to watch the entire series in less than a month.

There are 10 seasons and a total of 235 episodes to stream. 

However, if you also have a subscription to Crave, you probably won't have to go into a binge-watching frenzy.

That's because the streaming service will become the exclusive Canadian home of the show on December 31.

As for the Friends reunion special on HBO Max, Matthew Perry announced that it's being rescheduled for March 2021.

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