It looks like a number of Canadians were serious when they proclaimed ahead of the US election results that they were not fans of Donald Trump over a month ago.

At the time, a poll made it abundantly clear that today's president-elect Joe Biden would be the preferred option for 72% of Canadians surveyed.

Now, it seems Canadians overwhelmingly feel that Joe Biden's win is a good thing for not only US residents but for the world as a collective, according to new analytics from Abacus Data.

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See Biden’s election victory as great news for Canada and US relations.

The report asked whether Canadians believed that Biden winning would be an overall positive, and 3 out of 4 people saw that as the case.  

In fact, 85% saw Biden’s election victory as great news for Canada and US relations.

Additionally, around 80% believed that Biden would turn around America's global image, tackle COVID-19, fight climate and reduce racial tension in the country.

But it's not all glitz and glamour for him in the north, because Biden is reportedly working towards decarbonizing the US economy south of the border, which could have an impact on the oil sector for Canada.

62% of Canadians in Alberta said that Biden's possible plans would not go well for the oil business.  

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