On Monday, November 2, Health Minister Adrian Dix made a public address to provide a B.C. COVID-19 update

The minister spoke sternly with British Columbians, warning the public that COVID-19 is here to stay for “months and months and months and months and months.”

Over Halloween weekend, daily case records were smashed twice. There were 352 cases reported between Friday and Saturday, 389 between Saturday and Sunday, and 379 between Sunday and Monday. 

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New COVID-19 cases over the weekend 

"You see that all around the world, where we are in a significant new phase of the pandemic. And we must now act to respond to what COVID-19 is doing in our province, to get our own house in order for the cold weather ahead," Dix said. 

He said that if we ever want to have normalcy back, we need to follow public health guidance and advice right now. 

There are currently 2,945 active cases in the province, 90 of which are in the hospital. 

Of the new cases reported, 47 were kids under the age of 10. 

Dix stressed that this pandemic is not going anywhere anytime soon and everyone should start acting like it. 

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