For anybody who’s been wondering “will Justin Trudeau get the COVID-19 vaccine?” the prime minister has officially given an answer!

In a recent year-end interview with CBC News, the PM revealed that he was feeling enthusiastic about being vaccinated against the illness.

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When my turn comes, I will do it publicly and enthusiastically.

Justin Trudeau

Like many other political leaders and celebrities, including Barack Obama and Sir Ian McKellen, he promised he’d have the vaccine publicly.

"We've been trusting our scientists and doctors from the beginning through this pandemic, we've trusted them for years to keep us safe from measles, to keep us safe from colds — we trust our scientists," Trudeau explained.

The interview has been shared just over a week after Health Canada officially gave the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine the green light for distribution. 

Speaking ahead of this announcement, Trudeau said he’d be “there with bells on” pending the approval.

While the PM has made it clear that he’s not worried about getting vaccinated, he has acknowledged in the past that he won’t be high-up on Canada's priority list.

As well as committing to getting the approved vaccine publicly, Canada’s officials are also warning Canadians to steer clear of counterfeit versions that may be sold online.

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