There is no bromance in the NBA quite like Fred VanVleet and Pascal Siakam.

The two Raptors, who are famous for their brotherly antics, were seen having way too much fun together during an interview this week.

In fact, the two of them couldn't stop giggling like little kids. 

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In the clip, Spicy P can be seen trying to hold his composure as Freddie jokingly stares him down while on camera. 

The hilarious moment, of course, ends with the two bursting into a giggle-fit and stopping the interview. 

"Yo, Freddie stop," Siakam can be heard saying between laughter while trying to answer questions. 

According to the player, Fred was giving him the eye while waiting for him to finish the interview so they could head back to the hotel. 

The Raptors are currently in Tampa Bay, where they will be playing the beginning of the season due to border restrictions. 

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