Many Canadians have been able to show their skills on the NBA court. However, Nuggets' Jamal Murray states that sometimes not being American can get in the way. The Ontario NBA player opened up about how difficult things have been in his NBA career due to his Canadian roots. 

In an interview, the Kitchener native opened about how he has always been doubted throughout his career because of where he grew up. 

"Coming from Canada, I'm always having people doubt me or doubt my ability or doubt what we can do on the court," Murray said according to TSN.

However, people doubting the skills he has on the court because he is Canadain hasn't stopped the player from shining through. 

Murray scored 40 points for the Denver Nuggets during a Game 7 face-off against the Clippers.

Not only did the 23-year-old show that Canadians can ball, but he also eliminated Kawhi Leonard from the playoffs. 

Overall, Murray seems to be happy that the Nuggets and himself are finally getting the credit they deserve.

"So, as we go along, as we win these games and fight back and play a certain way, it's cool to see everybody react to that and maybe turn non-believers into believers," he added.

The rising NBA isn't the only one who thinks his upbringing has a lot to do with his success.

John Calipari, Murray's basketball coach at the University of Kentucky, said the player's Canadian heritage has altered his mindset.

"He came up different than all the kids, especially the American kids. He was not spoiled by the system at all," Calipari said, according to TSN.

"He wasn't spoiled by being on prospect lists or, you know, you're rated here or rated there. That was something where he had something to prove every time we walked on the court," he added.

It seems that Jamal loves his home country as much as they love him. 

The player also shouted out his hometown this week, stating that he loves to visit his old friends in Kitchener that he has known since childhood. 

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