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Nuggets' Jamal Murray Gives Love To His Hometown Of Kitchener

"One time for the City of Kitchener."

One Ontario NBA player isn't forgetting where he came from.  Nuggets' Jamal Murray opened up about his Kitchener, Ontario, roots on Thursday expressing his love for the city and its local talent.

In an interview, Murray told CTV that he still goes back home to visit his friends that he has known since childhood. 

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One time for the City of Kitchener. We got a lot of talent down there it's not just me.

Jamal Murray

"I still go back home and have runs with all those guys I know back there, all the kids I grew up with, it's just a whole lot of fun to be home and in that environment," the player stated. 

The 23-year-old led the Denver Nuggets to the Western Conference Finals this week after putting up a whopping 40 points against The Clippers.

The moment was special for Raptors fans, who watched the Canadian baller takedown Kawhi Leonard.

Murray has never been shy about his love for his country. The rising NBA star was even preparing to represent Team Canada in the 2020 Olympics before it was cancelled.

Via CTV Kitchener