Ontario has no shortage of stunning waterfalls to explore, and this one has some extra beauty to offer. A majestic cascade tumbles over a colourful cliff, and it's a truly breathtaking sight. Next time you're craving an adventure, head out to the Devil's Punchbowl Waterfall near Toronto and soak up the views.

It's impossible to get tired of chasing waterfalls. You can find so many scattered around Ontario, from towering tiered ones to ones you can swim beneath.

This one near Toronto is nothing short of magical. Located along the Niagara Escarpment, Devil's Punchbowl in Stoney Creek features a waterfall that plunges over colourful cliffs.

The conservation area features two waterfalls, Upper and Lower Punchbowl Falls.

The Upper Falls is a 33.8-metre ribbon that plummets into a round Punch Bowl and gorge.

The gorge was created during the last ice age as melt-water rivers carved the rocky escarpment.

You can see multi-coloured layers as you gaze up at the curving cliff from below.

Shades of red, grey, and blue stretch across the vast Punchbowl.

The area can be viewed from a lookout platform near the parking lot. There is a $5 parking fee.

You can also take the Bruce Trail down to the base of the falls.

However, this section of the trail is not maintained and can be difficult. The conservation suggests that visitors use it at their own risk.

The Upper Falls may dry up at certain times of the year. Spring is the best season to view the falls, but the area is still gorgeous at any time. 

You can continue your adventure along the 11.5-km Dofasco 2000 Trail, which passes through the countryside and over a forest boardwalk.

There are a lot of hidden waterfalls around the province that only locals know about.

And if you want to soak in some more colourful sights, Toronto has got you covered.

Devil's Punchbowl

Price: $5 parking fee

Address: Ridge Road, Stoney Creek, ON

Why You Need To Go: Gaze upon colourful cliffs at this towering waterfall location.

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