Atlanta traffic is a challenge for everyone, and apparently, the Georgia National Guard is no exception.

A driver caught video of a Georgia National Guard armored truck rear-ending a small sedan on I-285 in Atlanta.

In the video, a caravan of several National Guard trucks is seen driving along the highway surrounded by stop-and-go traffic.

The huge trucks are cruising along, but suddenly traffic stops, and the driver doesn’t react in time.

The truck at the head of the caravan slams into a stopped car in the right lane and the trucks behind it come to a screeching halt trying to avoid the accident. 

The cars and trucks involved in the crash pull to the side of the road and the video shows a good look at the damage. 

You can see in the video that the back window of the car has been blown out and the trunk door has been smashed in. 

It appears that the accident caused a chain reaction pushing other cars into each other as a second car is seen at the end of the video with damage to its bumper. 

The status of those involved in the accident is unknown.

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