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A Vancouver Company Is Behind Canada's Most Sustainable Meal Kit & Here's How You Can Get It

Take the waste out of mealtime.

A Vancouver Company Is Behind Canada's Most Sustainable Meal Kit & Here's How You Can Get It

Meal kits have become an increasingly popular way to get a delicious meal on the table and for good reason. After a long day of working hard, it's a joy to tuck into a home-cooked meal without the mundane obstacles — like researching recipes and grocery shopping — that stand in its way.

That said, typical meal kits are not without their downsides, namely the excessive amounts of plastic packaging required to keep pre-portioned ingredients fresh and ready to cook. Thankfully, a local Vancouver company has come up with a much-needed solution to combat plastic waste, while still providing a convenient and quality meal delivery service.

Fresh Prep is Vancouver's homegrown meal-kit provider, delivering fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow directions to cook a restaurant-quality meal, right at home. Earlier this year, they launched the Zero-Waste Kit. This first-of-its-kind reusable kit provides fresh ingredients inside neatly organized containers that you can wash and return with your next delivery, as a way to cut back on single-use plastics.

As a certified B-Corp, sustainability is always top-of-mind at Fresh Prep. Their Zero-Waste Kit, along with their commitment to no cardboard boxes and a collect-and-reuse system for ice packs and cooler bags are just some of the ways they live up to their eco-friendly commitment.

Along with their fresh take on low-waste cooking, Fresh Prep develops recipes with locally sourced seasonal ingredients in mind to further help reduce their environmental impact. They also work with sustainable farmers to source their meat, like Rossdown Farms in Abbotsford for free-run chicken and turkey, and all their seafood is Ocean Wise certified.

If mouthwatering meals like Korean Pork Tacos and Spicy Red Thai Chicken Curry are calling your name, all you have to do is follow the recipe card, use the neatly organized compartments, and you'll be a top chef in no time while feeling good about your environmental impact.

In the instances where Fresh Prep can't avoid soft-plastic packaging (meat and seafood for food safety, and some spice blends and powders that are affected by moisture), they have options to help you stick to your zero-waste goals. Fresh Prep will take your soft plastics back when they collect your cooler bag and recycle them with the help of Urban Impact Recycling. While they can't recycle packaging from meat and seafood for safety reasons, they do offer plenty of delicious vegan and vegetarian recipes if you prefer to steer clear.

And it's affordable, too. Fresh Prep meal plans start from $12.25 per serving and allow you to choose between two, three or four meals a week from a menu of 10 chef-designed recipes. If you've always wanted to try out meal kits but haven't had the chance, you can get three free meals with Narcity's exclusive code SCNAR21, no commitment required.

The meal kits are currently offered throughout the Lower Mainland, the Okanagan and on Vancouver Island with easy cancellation and free weekly delivery to your home, or, when we're all allowed back in the office, directly to your workplace. It's ideal for anyone who dislikes meal planning, is short on time or just prefers the convenience of not having to worry about what's for dinner.

Fresh Prep's Eco-Friendly Meal Kits

Cost: From $12.25 per meal. New customers can use the code SCNAR21 for three free Fresh Prep meals.

Where: Fresh Prep delivers to over 20 municipalities throughout the Lower Mainland, the Okanagan and on Vancouver Island. You can order for delivery online.

Why You Need To Try It: Canada's most sustainable meal kit is perfect for British Columbians who care about the environment, want to support local farmers and love good food.

Check out Fresh Prep's website, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for more info.