A Giant Penis-Shaped Monument Just Vanished From A Mountaintop In Germany

First the monolith, now this?
Holzpenis Germany Penis Monument Disappears

A large wooden sculpture of a penis — or a woody, if you may — is the latest monument to vanish without a trace.

The 7-foot-tall phallas atop Grünten mountain in Germany, called Holzpenis, disappeared over the weekend and police were left scratching their heads. 

According to Allgäuer Zeitung, a German publication, all that remains in the spot where the sculpture once stood tall is a pile of sawdust. 

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We don't know whether it is a criminal offense or not.  German Police

Though it is unknown how the wooden genitalia appeared on the mountain in the first place, it gained celebrity status among hikers and claimed the title of "cultural monument" on Google Maps. 

The mayor of a nearby town was equally disappointed about the disappearance of the once erect statue saying, "That is a shame."

News of the German landmark's "emasculation" comes shortly after a shiny monolith mysteriously appeared in the Utah desert. 

Days later, like the Holzpenis in Germany, the monolith vanished without explanation. 

Now, we're not saying these incidents are related, but what the heck is going on with these sculptural disappearing acts?

The world may never know — especially in 2020. 

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