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Penis Structure Reappears Germany Monolith

Just as quickly as the first one mysteriously vanished, a new wooden penis sculpture has appeared on the same Grünten mountain in Germany. 

Despite the cold, the new structure stands even taller than the last one and has several beams helping to keep it up. 

Like the original phallus monument, it is unclear exactly who erected the replacement. 

Editor's Choice: A Giant Penis-Shaped Monument Just Vanished From A Mountaintop In Germany

According to Allgäuer Zeitung, a German publication, a webcam showed movement on the mountain in the middle of a snowstorm on Wednesday. 

When the snow cleared on Thursday morning, a new penis landmark could be seen standing in all its glory. 

This version even has two stones added to the bottom of it — you can guess what those are meant to resemble. 

Last weekend, the OG "cultural monument," called Holzpenis, disappeared without a trace and German police launched an investigation. 

All that was left in its place was a pile of sawdust, but here we are a few days later and a brand-new penis has popped up. 

Sound familiar? Probably because something similar has been happening with monoliths mysteriously appearing and disappearing in Utah, California, and Romania

Monoliths and penis statues — what's next?

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