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That Monolith In Utah Disappeared & Suddenly The McRib Is Back At McDonald's This Week

A large monolith in the Utah desert disappeared this weekend as mysteriously as it was found last week, and it's caused a lot of unrest and theories as to what its origins are and where it went.

The monolith was 12 feet tall and just kind of showed up all of a sudden and was found by a group of sheep counters on November 18.

To make matters even weirder, another monolith was recently found in Romania, much like the one that was in Utah (though with slightly different markings).

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2 monoliths found in 1 month

Some people speculated that it was the same monolith.

It's clearly not, though — the markings on the Romania monolith are different, plus it was found on November 26 (and the Utah monolith didn't disappear until November 27).

There are other "theories" on what could've happened.

Perhaps the monolith itself decided that it needed to go elsewhere?

Maybe it's just a huge Juul.

And also Blink 182's Tom Delonge claims to be the stealer of the monolith.

And he's not the only singer claiming ownership of the monolith: Darren Hayes of Savage Garden is ALSO claiming it.

Another rare event also suddenly occurred in the US, around the same time that the monolith disappeared: It was announced that the McRib was suddenly going to become available again at McDonald's...this week.

This is the first time in eight years that the sandwich has been sold...however, it was announced back in October, which was BEFORE any monolith news.

Though let's face it, festive theories aside, there's a pretty big chance it was just taken by a souvenir hunter.

The official statement from Utah's Bureau of Land Management is firm but vague.

We may never know the truth of this metallic mystery.

In a year defined by a global pandemic, it's almost poetic that in the very last months, we'd ALSO get both a mysterious metallic monolith AND the McRib.

And with that, everything continues to not make sense. Thanks, 2020!

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