With restrictions tightening and an even stricter lockdown possibly looming in the near future, Los Angeles looks a little different right now — and Hollywood, in particular, looks downright weird.

Hollywood is tourist central during regular, non-COVID times, with the sidewalks usually packed with sightseers and locals alike.

This is DEFINITELY not the case right now, however — there's just...barely anybody around.

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Seriously...barely anybody.

It's Hollywood, baby. Here it is: the big city of celebrities.

The Arclight Hollywood movie theater, a staple in LA and the location of many a premiere, is all boarded up.

...And I do mean ALL boarded up — they are taking NO chances, apparently.

Amoeba Music closed down in April and its leftover shell is nothing short of depressing.

Scooters are in trash cans.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame has never looked this depressing.

With outdoor dining closing up in LA for three weeks starting Wednesday night, it's not looking like it'll get any less weird-looking around here for some time.