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Canada Is Creating Almost 1000 Green Internships In STEM & You Can Make Money

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Green Internships In Canada Are Now Available & You Can Make Some Money

Calling all recent science, technology, engineering, and mathematics grads! This one's for you. 

Applications for green internships are now open and you can even make some money with these positions.

Canada has partnered with STEM employers across the country to create over 900 internships in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields.

This is being done through the Science Horizons Youth Internship Program.

It offers six- to 12-month internships in clean-technology sectors to recent college and university graduates.

There are also specific opportunities for Indigenous people, women in science and technology fields and people from rural and remote areas. 

Employers get up to $15,000 in wage subsidies for each intern so not only can you get valuable experience in your field, but you can also make some money!

Applications for 2020-21 are now open and you can apply for positions online.

Interns are hired directly by organizations that have received funding.

There are five different firms that are delivering this program.

BioTalent Canada facilitates research and projects in the country's biotechnology industry.

Clean Foundation focuses on green solutions for energy efficiency, waste reduction, water health and sustainable transportation in Atlantic Canada.

Colleges and Institutes Canada is all about addressing climate change and other environmental issues.

ECO Canada specializes in environmental research.

Lastly, United Nations Association in Canada aims to educate people on issues like climate change and sustainability.

Through the Colleges and Institutes Canada's Career Launcher, some internships are already posted.

You could work for the Nova Scotia Adopt a Highway Program for six months as a program and promotions coordinator and make $25,000.

Ottawa Peace & Environment Resource Centre is looking for a sustainability intern and you could make $39,000

You could make $24 an hour working as a mechanical/electrical design intern in Vancouver.

In over 20 years, Science Horizons has landed people more than 5,550 internships in Canada.

If you're not a recent grad in a STEM field but still need a job, there are lots of opportunities available.

Parks Canada is hiring and your office would be the great outdoors and the pay is really good too!

There are a bunch of jobs up for grabs across Canada where you can make $100,000 or more a year like a software engineer position with Amazon Canada.

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