Bridgewater Stabbing Of A Police Officer Has Led To An Emergency Alert Being Issued

This is pretty serious. The Bridgewater stabbing of an officer has led to an emergency alert being sent out to the Nova Scotia town's surrounding areas. People are being asked to contact police if they see anything suspicious.

During the early morning hours on July 21, Bridgewater Police Service tweeted that its officers are searching for a man who stabbed an officer after they responded to a domestic violence call in the town.

The RCMP is also helping out with the search for the man.

"If you see anyone suspicious call police," the tweet said.

The suspect was last seen wearing shorts and that's it. So, he was without a shirt and was barefoot.

Police described him as a 6-foot-2 First Nations man in his early 30s with brown hair and green eyes. 

People in the area posted on social media that an emergency alert was sent out early in the morning to Lunenburg County about the situation.

It said that the man was last seen around 1:00 a.m. in wooded areas and backyards in the sound end of Bridgewater.

Also, the weapon he used to stab the officer wasn't found at the scene.

In a Facebook post, the police service said that at around 11:00 p.m. on July 20, officers responded to a domestic violence complaint at the Bridgewater Hotel.

Inside the hotel, the man attacked an officer with what was described as an "edged weapon" and struck them in the neck.

After that, the man immediately fled on foot.

The officer is in the hospital with serious injuries and the woman who was the victim of domestic violence has already been released from the hospital with minor injuries.

The man is wanted for attempted murder and assault.

Both the Bridgewater Police Service and RCMP have set up a perimeter and a police dog is on the scene to help in the search as well.

People in the area are being asked to stay in their secured residence. 

Police said updates will be posted as the investigation continues.