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Dangerous Inmate Escaped In Nova Scotia & RCMP Have Been Looking For Him All Night

People had been asked to stay inside overnight.
Nova Scotia Escaped Inmate On The Run & RCMP Have Been Searching All Night

The search continues. A Nova Scotia escaped inmate has been on the run all night and RCMP are still looking for him. Police believe he might be trying to get back to Halifax.

Update: RCMP confirmed at 10:19 AM AT that the inmate was back in police custody.*

On June 5 at about 8:30 p.m. AT, a prisoner escaped from Northeast Nova Scotia Correctional Facility, on the northern coast of the province.

An emergency alert was sent out to residents and Nova Scotia RCMP also tweeted an alert to inform people about the situation.

Police have asked people to not approach Kevin Clarke-McNeil.

He's described as white, 33 years old, 5-foot-8 with tattoos on both of his upper arms, brown curly hair and a large beard.

He was last seen wearing grey jogging pants and no shirt.

It's believed that he is on foot and might be trying to return to Halifax.

Early in the morning on June 6, RCMP tweeted that the search for the prisoner is still on.

"All police forces in NS have been notified & we remain present in our communities to support public safety," police said in the tweet.

While people are no longer being asked to stay inside, they are being asked to stay vigilant and report any sightings of Clarke-McNeil through 911.

He was incarcerated for serious crimes which include attempted murder.

Throughout the night numerous tips were followed up on in the search for Clarke-McNeil.

Police Dog Services were also called in to help.

The RCMP is asking people to not post details of police locations or movements on social media because it could compromise people's safety and the response to this situation.

The Nova Scotia Justice Department released more information about the escaped inmate.

Clarke-McNeil is originally from Ontario and has been on remand at the facility since December 2019 while he awaits his trial.

Along with attempted murder, he's facing several other charges including unlawful confinement, aggravated assault, assault with a weapon and resisting/obstructing a peace officer.

According to the CBC, a full review of this incident will be conducted by Correctional Services.

*This story has been updated. 

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