"Graveyard" singer and songwriter, Halsey, is launching her make-up brand this month and you can finally get a sneak peek at the products. 

The brand, about-face, is set to launch on January 25 as a direct-to-consumer platform.

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Makeup is an art and art is about happy accidents, not any one ideal of perfection. Halsey

The company's website is finally up for eager make-up artists and fans to pre-order the products.

According to a press release, the goal of about-face is to provide "the tools to create looks that highlight authenticity and uniqueness in every form."

Halsey, who is a self-taught make-up artist, creates and applies her own looks for performances and music videos.

"I always feel the most free when I am creating looks without following any rules," shared Halsey.

The self-proclaimed make-up junkie used her knowledge of beauty to create about-face — a collection that embodies her personal style and love of diverse beauty.

"The beauty industry has norms, but I want to encourage people to challenge those standards and allow things to be imperfect and fun," said the singer. 

As of now, the website showcases an array of colorful products from make-up bags and highlight to lip color and eye paint, with more to come in the future.