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Here's How LaSalle College Montréal Is Making Virtual Schooling Super Easy For Its Students

Customize your education from the comfort of home.
Here's How LaSalle College Montréal Is Making Virtual Schooling Super Easy For Its Students

This year, it seemed like basically overnight, the world turned on its head. COVID-19 impacted everyone. In the blink of an eye, businesses and schools closed. Of course, the tragedy of the pandemic is unquestionable, but it does present an opportunity to improve our systems and surroundings. 

Many people and institutions stepped up to the plate with ways to not only adapt but to help mould the new normal into something great. LaSalle College is a perfect example of schools creating systems to make the most out of our current reality. It took the reins and is reinventing education so that learning is better than ever. 

In response to a growing need for online learning, LaSalle College completely redesigned its virtual campus. This school knows that as the world changes, education becomes increasingly important — a source of innovation and inspiration.

Post-secondary lets you forge your path, find yourself and get the necessary tools to sculpt the world of your dreams. By focusing on bringing education to students no matter their location, LaSalle College has adapted to make learning more convenient and accessible. 

Instead of having to choose between a study-from-home or an in-person method, LaSalle College is offering balanced programs. Now, students can benefit from the top features of both approaches. Lectures while sitting on your couch without sacrificing social contact — count us in. 

Remote campuses definitely have advantages. You can't stumble into the wrong lecture. There's no lengthy commute. You're not forced to miss a class if you're a little under the weather. Controlling your schedule is easier. But, naturally, it has to balance with in-person benefits like personal conversations.

In comes this new approach. By curating a system that combines remote and on-campus learning, you get the best of both worlds. To showcase its advantages, LaSalle College is hosting a Virtual Open House on August 4, and you can reserve your spot now. Planning the future in PJs — does it get any easier?

And this school means business — also fashion, game design, education and more. Seriously, did you know that LaSalle College has 60 different programs at five different schools? 

Saw how face masks took over the fashion world and want to add your personal flair? Maybe you want to be a part of helping the digital revolution — fostering social distancing and commerce? LaSalle College teaches Fashion, Arts and Design.

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Perhaps you're curious about how much the tourism industry is adapting to the pandemic? Hotel Management might be your road through the new normal. Passionate about the human experience? Check out Social Sciences and Education and learn how to understand others.

From Business and Technologies to VFX and Game Design, it's all about finding your passion and using it to learn, grow, and shape the new world. Attending the LaSalle College Virtual Open House on August 4 is your first step on that journey. 

As a prime example of using struggles to create something great, LaSalle College is taking education to the next level. With different methods of instruction, you can get a full and fulfilling college experience — all within reaching distance of your coffee pot.

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Take advantage of these flexible learning approaches. Use personalized coaching to follow the path that makes you happy. You can do all this while taking industry-leading online courses right at home. LaSalle College is recognized by the ministère de l'Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur (MEES). Credibility and comfort — college at its finest. Plus, you don't have to forego the social side.

LaSalle College is taking the social aspect seriously. After all, it's been a stressful time. Taking steps towards independent learning is awesome, but everything's better with a helping hand. That's why the school is offering support features with a modern twist: mental health matters. 

Take the Social Intervention Counsellor and group support sessions, for instance. These workshops (held remotely online) let you connect with resources to keep you on track. They provide helpful tips on subjects like stress management, staying motivated, and remaining positive. All the services are available in French and English, so it's super inclusive. 

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But LaSalle College embracing the potential of a remote campus doesn't stop there. It even offers virtual Career Services designed to help you on your vocational path. Nervous about your Zoom job interview? Digital interview prep will have you calm as a (professional) cucumber.  

Want something a bit more one-on-one? The buddy system's got you covered. Get paired off with a fellow student before classes begin. This way, you can have all of your questions answered to put your mind at ease and navigate student life comfortably. 

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Choose what works for you: take online classes either part or full time. You can do the whole thing in person or opt for a completely remote solution. Basically, you can say goodbye to 8 a.m. lectures across the city. That's right: you're in control, so just roll out of bed and log on. 

Of course, remote learning doesn't mean slacking. There are support sessions and live classes for accountability. Use the group discussions to indulge your social and academic sides. All the teachers are knowledgeable and passionate about their respective fields.

We saw the world change. Now, with this unique approach to education at LaSalle College, you can use that momentum to create positive change. Ready and excited to learn more? Book your spot at the Virtual Open House on August 4 from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.

You'll have the chance to learn from dedicated teachers and LaSalle College graduates. Connect live with fellow prospective students, receive guidance, get answers, or just kick back and absorb the awesomeness. Take the first steps towards the life of your dreams, all from the comfort of your living room. 

Check out the LaSalle College website to find the program that's right for you. To get a taste of education reinvented, register for the Virtual Open House. Stay in the loop by following them on Facebook and Instagram.