If you're planning to hop on the dating apps this summer, the team at Hinge has got some insight that might give you a little glimpse into the future.

In an email sent to Narcity, Hinge told us that "75% of its users are looking for a relationship this summer, and not something casual." They also shared the four "dating groups" that we can expect to encounter on the apps this summer.

Here are the four types of singles that you'll be encountering this summer.

DTC (Down To Commit) Dater

The first of the four is the DTC (Down To Commit) Dater. This is someone who wants a relationship and is excited to get back out there.

"This summer, they will focus on finding their partner and are willing to put in the work necessary to have a successful relationship," said Hinge.

Hinge also predicted which percentage of each dating style you're likely to encounter on the app this summer. It looks like 34% of your potential summer flames will be DTC.

Hopeful Hesitator

The Hopeful Hesitator is someone who does want a relationship but is nervous about dating. "Not only do they feel rusty about their dating skills, but they also have fears around COVID-safety, making them hesitant to get back out there although they want a relationship."

Of the singles on the app, "41% want a serious relationship, but are suffering from FODA (Fear Of Dating Again), making them a Hopeful Hesitator," said Hinge's dating experts.

The Roaring 20s Dater

Next up is The Roaring 20s Dater. This person is ready to cut loose this summer. They're looking for something casual and they're excited to get back out there and date around again. "Roaring 20's Daters are ready to get out there, flirt, date, and hookup!"

Only about 14% of people on Hinge fall into this category, so if you're looking for the Roaring 20s, you've got a smaller dating pool.

CDC (Cautious and Dating Casually)

Finally, we have the CDC (Cautious and Dating Casually). This person is looking for something casual but is nervous about dating. They make up about 10% of the singles on Hinge.

"They often report feeling not ready for a relationship and/or not over a recent break up. CDC daters feel hesitant about dating because of a lack of confidence in themselves and their dating skills," the app told us.

Good luck out there, love birds.