On Monday, July 19, the Government of Canada updated the country's current international travel restrictions. During the update, the India flight ban was officially extended once more.

The India flight ban was originally put in place in April as COVID-19 virus variants became prominent in the region. Now, the measures have been extended for another 30 days and are slated to last until August 21, 2021.

This means that all direct commercial and private passenger flights to Canada from India will not be allowed. Cargo-only flights are not included in this ban.

Transport Canada has also extended the rule surrounding third-country departures from India. This means that if someone is travelling from India to Canada but has a stop in a third country, they must obtain a COVID-19 test from a third country that is not India before departing on route to Canada.

The ban on flights from Pakistan was lifted back in June when the ban on direct flights from India was extended.

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