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This Mansion For Sale Is So Haunted That Locals Refuse To Walk By At Night (PHOTOS)

It's said to have been visited by the Devil. 😨

Most of us up for a good scare on Halloween, but only the real thrill-seekers among us would be willing to make a real haunted house their permanent address.

If you consider yourself a horror enthusiast, you could snap up Ireland's Loftus Hall.

This place is so haunted that it is said to have been visited by the Devil himself, according to the property's website.

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"Many people from the surrounding area are nervous to enter the place after dark," it says — and for good reason.

The mansion dates back to the 1700s and is the setting of some seriously spine-chilling tales.

Many claim to have seen the ghost of a woman named Lady Anne, who apparently died in Loftus Hall after she was locked in the tapestry room by her family.

Lady Anne had gone into a state of shock after seeing a "dark stranger with cloven hoofs" go up in flames at the property. 

"There is something about Certain areas of the Hall, its atmosphere, the temperature and the general feeling of unease," says the website.

According to Daily Mail, you can snap it up for $2.5 million Euros, or $3.8 million CAD.