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Hidden Florida Park Beluthahatchee Is A World Full Of Surprises

Imagine a place where the hummingbirds come and hang out in a natural setting straight out of a southern fairytale. Well, you don't have to imagine it as this serene land exists in The Sunshine State. One hidden Florida park, Beluthahatchee Park, near Jacksonville, is the perfect place to find your creative passion.

Situated in St. Johns County, the park was the former land of Stetson Kennedy, a human rights activist who created the refuge along Beluthahatchee Lake after buying the land in 1948.

Beluthahatchee Park has been a jewel in the eyes of many who have seen the refuge up close, with famed Florida author Zora Neale Hurston calling this mystical land a "Florida Shangri-La."

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The park consists of what you'd normally find in a bayou in Louisiana or along the Mississippi River. Live oaks, cypress, and magnolias dominate the natural terrain here, giving the park a southern charm.

The centerpiece of the park is Kennedy's house, surrounded by azaleas, saw palmettos, and beautiful flowers, giving the home a fairytale feel.

This hidden park contains two wildlife observation platforms where you can gaze at the wildlife that inhabits the park. 

Beluthahatchee Park has long been a haven for artists to come and share ideas, with the park being home to the Stetson Kennedy Foundation.

The foundation is a songwriter residency that allows writers to stay in the park for up to two weeks to experience the natural beauty of Beluthahatchee.

Full of hidden surprises, this fairytale-like park is the perfect place to escape the city life and immerse yourself in the inspiration of nature. 

Beluthahatchee Park 

Address: 1501 SR 13 N., Fruit Cove, FL

Why You Need To Go: This hidden park holds plenty of surprises with a southern fairytale vibe. 

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