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There's A Rocky Beach Near Jacksonville & It Totally Feels Like The Cali Coast

It's one of Florida's best kept secret beaches! 🙊

The moody cliffs of Florida's east coast will make you rethink the stereotypical Sunshine State shoreline. While there are well-known outcroppings, there are some you have to search for. One Florida beach Marineland near Jacksonville is one such hidden, rocky treasure.

The beach stretches from the Marineland Dolphin Adventure Park to the northern tip of Washington Oaks Gardens State Park.

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You Can Have A Beachfront Getaway At This Spot In Florida For Less Than A Hotel Room

You can see the beach right from your window!🌊

Hotel rooms can be an expensive part of anyone's vacation. But with this cheap Florida Airbnb rental, you can save without skimping on the views. This rustic seaside cabin gives you ocean views right outside your window.

The cottage is a one-bedroom home that sits right on the beach in Florida's most historic city.

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You Can Wander Into A World Of Surprises At This Hidden Park Near Jacksonville

It's a lush fairytale world!🍃

Imagine a place where the hummingbirds come and hang out in a natural setting straight out of a southern fairytale. Well, you don't have to imagine it as this serene land exists in The Sunshine State. One hidden Florida park, Beluthahatchee Park, near Jacksonville, is the perfect place to find your creative passion.

Situated in St. Johns County, the park was the former land of Stetson Kennedy, a human rights activist who created the refuge along Beluthahatchee Lake after buying the land in 1948.

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You Can Camp Like A Florida Bird Of Paradise In This Hidden Jacksonville 'Birdhouse'

A camping adventure just outside the big city! 🏕️

There are a lot of great nature spots in Florida where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of big city life. One Florida campground, Camp Chowenwaw Park near Jacksonville, offers a respite from the daily grind. What you'll find hidden in this park is a collection of huge "birdhouse" like treehouses that you can actually camp in.

Called Treehouse Point, this is an area of Camp Chowenwaw that is home to nine treehouses that can sleep up to four people in each house, originally built for The Girl Scout Council Of Duval County.

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This Moody Florida Beach Has Rocky Cliffs & Hidden Sea Caves

A totally different kind of beach day!

Florida is a state that offers a bounty of surprises for the curious explorer. One special beach on the east coast holds unique ocean views that you won’t find anywhere else. This Florida beach within Washington Oaks Gardens State Park is a geological wonderland with a rare rocky coastline that even holds hidden sea caves.

When thinking of The Sunshine State, white sands and palm trees usually come to mind. This beach, however, will give you a totally different experience.

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You Can 'Sit' At The Edge Of This Mysterious Underwater Cave In Florida

Look down into a portal of clear blue waters

Tucked away in the Sunshine State is a spectacular cave to discover. You can sit at the edge of a cavern at Ginnie Springs Outdoors and peer into an underwater world. This gorgeous spot is easily one of the most amazing destinations in Florida and belongs at the top of your travel bucket list.

Ginnie Springs is a turquoise natural spring located two hours and 15 minutes from Tallahassee and just an hour and 40 minutes from Jacksonville. Take a road trip with your besties to this gorgeous spot before autumn arrives. 

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