Jagmeet Singh Gave A Rundown Of How The NDP 'Helped Millions Of Canadians' In The Federal Budget

The NDP leader said he's "going to keep fighting to lower your bills."

​Jagmeet Singh standing in a building on Parliament Hill. Right: Jagmeet Singh holding the 2023 federal budget.
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Jagmeet Singh standing in a building on Parliament Hill. Right: Jagmeet Singh holding the 2023 federal budget.

Jagmeet Singh shared a breakdown of the federal budget and what the NDP did for Canadians, which includes how much money people could save.

The NDP leader posted a video on Instagram a few days after the federal government released Budget 2023 to tell people what proposed measures "helped millions of Canadians."

"We have fought hard and delivered for Canadians a savings of over $1,700 per year," he said.

According to Singh, expanded dental care that was introduced in the budget will save families an average of $1,200 a year.

"We also forced this government to double the GST tax credit again," he said. "That's going to put up to $500 in people's pockets."

Singh shared that the money people could be able to save each year is because the NDP fought for it.

He also noted that NDP MPs made the federal government "attach strings" to investments that will fight climate change.

"This was just the first step. We have more to do," Singh said in the caption of his post. "I'm going to keep fighting to lower your bills."

With the 2023 federal budget, the government proposed a bunch of measures that are meant to make life more affordable for people across the country.

That includes a new dental care program providing coverage to uninsured Canadians who have an annual family income of less than $90,000.

There is a grocery rebate that was introduced as part of the budget and it's expected to benefit millions of people by offering up to $467 to offset the cost of groceries.

Singh tweeted that the government measures to help with dental care and groceries are a "victory" the NDP secured by "forcing Justin Trudeau's hand."

The federal government plans to revamp Registered Education Savings Plans, make changes to Canada Student Grants to give students more money and crack down on "junk fees" as well.

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