In a chat with talk show host Lilly Singh, Jagmeet Singh spilled the beans about why he originally got into politics. 

Lilly asked if there was a specific moment when the NDP leader knew he wanted to be in politics. 

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"The real deal story is basically my brother made me do it," said Jagmeet Singh, confirming that he was talking about his brother, Gurratan.  

The politician reflected, saying that his sibling told him "the only way that you can thrive is if you give back."

"So he convinced me that being a lawyer is cool, but we could give back bigger if we got into politics and represented an entire community, an entire city, and an entire province," Singh said.

He said it started off with "a little bit of guilt-tripping from my brother and a friend and it turned into a journey to give back." 

Jagmeet Singh's brother Gurratan represents the riding of Brampton East as a member of the Ontario NDP.