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Jagmeet Singh & NDP MPs Shared A Gingerbread Recipe But There's A Sweet Twist

They're New Democratic cookies. 🍪
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Jagmeet Singh & NDP MPs Shared Their Favourite Gingerbread Recipe But There's A Twist

On social media, Jagmeet Singh and other NDP MPs shared their favourite gingerbread recipe just in time for the holidays — but there's a sweet twist!

In a video, Singh said the treats are "New Democratic cookies," so they need ingredients like love, compassion, caring for each other, and justice for Indigenous people.

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The recipe starts with one egg and climate justice, three quarters of a cup of brown sugar and food security for all Canadians, and six tablespoons of butter and universal affordable childcare.

Then you add in some molasses and dental care, two teaspoons of vanilla and universal pharmacare, and a quarter of a teaspoon of ground cloves and investment in housing, but not gingerbread housing.

After that comes a quarter of a teaspoon of salt and a wealth tax, three cups of flour and affordable and reliable internet, one tablespoon of ground ginger and guaranteed liveable basic income, and one and three-quarter teaspoons of cinnamon and gender equality.

You can use cookie cutters to make them any shape you want, including gingerbread classics like people or houses.

Singh took a different route and cut his cookies into hearts and the letters N, D, and P.

This isn't the first time the NDP leader has shared a unique recipe. He also posted his recipe for Punjabi poutine in 2019.

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