This year, the prime minister was tasked with leading Canadians through an especially difficult period. Throughout 2020, Justin Trudeau’s photographer Adam Scotti has been by his side capturing every moment and he’s recently shared “A photographic year in review.”

The photos show how the PM navigated some of the year’s biggest highs and lows and many of the images are seriously powerful.

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One of the first photos shared by Scotti shows the moment Trudeau was updated about flight PS752 on January 8. The plane was shot down by Iran after being mistaken for a "hostile target."

Days later, this image shows the prime minister in a meeting room in Ontario. According to the photographer, he is preparing to meet the families of the Canadians who died.

Back in early March, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau became one of the first high-profile people in Canada to test positive for COVID-19. This photo shows her husband’s empty desk as he stayed at home to self-isolate. 

As the pandemic hit Canada, the PM’s regular press conferences provided updates about the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Here, Scotti shows him preparing to address the nation.

Taken in April, this image shows the prime minister speaking with RCMP officer Chad Morrison, who was hurt during the Nova Scotia tragedy on the night of April 18. It became the deadliest mass shooting in Canadian history.

As COVID-19 restrictions were put into place across the country, the prime minister was one of many Canadians who were forced to grow their hair long due to salons being closed. Trudeau’s long locks became pretty popular, actually.

Sharing this series of images as part of the 2020 review, photographer Adam Scotti described it as “never ending days in a never ending year.”

This picture shows Trudeau speaking with president-elect Joe Biden after he beat incumbent president Donald Trump in the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

After a difficult year, Trudeau and his wife can be seen here wishing others happy holidays via video conferencing.

While the PM has acknowledged his Christmas will be different this year, photos from Sophie Grégoire Trudeau have proved they’re still getting into the festive spirit.

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