Canada's NDP leader has launched a Proud Boys petition which aims to get the organization banned and listed as a terrorist group. 

Singh wrote on Twitter that Trudeau's government allegedly "refused to commit" to this action and, as such, he's asking for the public's support. 

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According to Forbes, the Proud Boys are a group of men (no women are allowed) who focus on "anti-white guilt" and "anti-political correctness" agendas. 

Jagmeet Singh's petition calls them a "right-wing extremist group that promotes white supremacist views." 

"Members of the Proud Boys joined a group armed with deadly weapons as they led an assault on the U.S. Capitol – this was an act of domestic terrorism," wrote Singh. 

He continues to say that their founder is Canadian

The NDP leader asks that Canadians call on Justin Trudeau's government to "immediately ban and designate the Proud Boys as a terrorist organization" by signing his petition.