Justin Trudeau Just Said Donald Trump 'Incited' The 'Violent' Riot At The US Capitol

He has called out the president.
Justin Trudeau Just Said Donald Trump 'Incited' The 'Violent' Riot At The US Capitol
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Justin Trudeau just said the U.S. Capitol riot that saw people forcefully enter the government building was "incited" by Donald Trump. 

During an address on January 8, he started off by talking about what he called an "assault on democracy" and even placed blame.

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What we witnessed was an assault on democracy by violent rioters incited by the current president and other politicians. Justin Trudeau

Trudeau said that the "violent rioters" who stormed the Capitol were "incited by the current president and other politicians."

However, he also noted that democracy in the U.S. is resilient.

After rioters were pushed out, lawmakers worked through the night and certified the election results.

"Extremists will not succeed in overruling the will of the people," Trudeau said.

He then took a moment to reflect on democracy, including how it's an accomplishment to have a political system where losing sides gracefully concede.

When asked if his comments would damage the Canada-U.S. relationship, Trudeau said that it's "extremely important that we be there to defend democracy."

He also described Trump's administration as "unpredictable," in response to a question about the end of the president's term.

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